What is The Woke Salaryman’s aim?

We set up the Woke Salaryman with the intention of helping Singaporeans make better financial and life choices through education. Even if it means deviating from the conventional path always preached by previous generations/conventional wisdom.

Must I do everything you guys suggest?

Look, you are your own human being. You do whatever you want with your life. All we do here are share methods and perspectives that have worked for us. (Or have not worked for us.)

Why is money so important? Why are you so obsessed with money? 

Quite alot of people think we wanna earn big bucks, buy condos, splash all our money on luxury watches and fancy cars. Not exactly.

We only see money as a means to freedom.

You want to escape ridiculous clients and terrible bosses? You need money. You want to donate money to help combat climate change? You need money. We live in a capitalistic society, and to think money isn’t important when achieving goals is just unrealstic. 

You get the point. 

Who is behind the Woke Salaryman?

The Woke Salaryman is currently a two man endeavour. We both work in the media industry, and this is our side hustle. We’re pretty open our identities on both FB and Instagram, because there’s nothing to hide. This guy writes. This guy illustrates. Mystery solved. Case closed.

Who funds the Woke Salaryman?

No one funds us per or gives us a salary for the work we do at The Woke Salaryman. As of September 2019, we made the choice to create sponsored content to keep this page going. If you would like us to be less reliant on sponsors, donate to our Patreon page here

Why should I fund you when I can just read stuff for free?

Because we’d like to remain very selective of sponsorships. The day we ask you to buy more Bubble Tea because you’ve got $5 off with a ‘WOKESALARYMAN’ promo code is the day we’ve failed you. Please end us if it comes to that.

Are you going to work with brands and organisations?

Only if it makes sense. If Maserati shows up at the door, we’d (painfully) turn them down instead of trying to justify to our readers why they need a new Gran Turismo.

Why is your financial advice so basic?

We’ll be honest. There are plenty of bloggers out there who have better knowledge than us when it comes to investments, or have more time to go into tedious price comparisons and ask themselves which is the best credit card.

Instead we wanted to create something to spur people to start their journey to financial independence. To rethink how they could possibly lead their lives.

That’s where the basics come in. You need to save before you can invest meaningfully. And you need to realise you need to save, before you actually start saving.

The basics are the foundations. And foundations are important.

How do you benefit from the Woke Salaryman?

As media professionals, we learn a great deal from running the Woke Salaryman page and creating content for it. We use this knowledge to become good at our jobs.

That said, we’re considering a whole bunch of options to make this page sustainable in order to keep it alive.

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