This is our promise to you

Dear Friends, Patrons and fellow Woke Salarymen,

Since we’ve launched in April this year, this page has grown in more ways than we could have possibly imagined. We never expected our first post to get the response it did, and we didn’t expect it to have that kind of impact it did on our community.

That said, we can’t say that it has been entirely painless on our end. These days, our nights are filled with hours of writing and illustrating. It’s time spent away from our side hustles, rest, families and more importantly, time spent away from our loved ones.

We’d wish we had pockets deep enough to keep doing this out of recreation. But we’re nowhere near there in life yet – not even close. At the moment we’re just a tiny team of four with full-time jobs working long hours after work to keep this page going.

One of us has to finish paying his bank loan for his HDB flat. The other has to prepare to look after his aged parents.

We’ve been looking at making this endeavor financially sustainable – just like any Woke Salaryman would.

That’s why we will be accepting sponsored content.

Yes, we know the risks of sponsored content. We’ve seen great sites lose their audience because they ‘sold out’. We know the pain of writing sponsored content on products/messages we absolutely don’t believe.

But we are determined to do things differently. To be the change we wish to see the world (P.S – Gandhi never said that).

Our promise to you?

  1. We’ll only accept sponsors whose products that we can in good faith, recommend to people.
  2. All our sponsored content will be declared upfront so that you’ll never read something and feel ambushed by a sponsored message at the end.
  3. We’ll not go with sponsors not aligned with our goal – which is helping the Singaporeans make better financial and life decisions.
  4. We will give back to our community. Lots has said about corporate social responsibility. But pretty little has been done. Maybe it’s idealistic to think a small page like ours can change some people’s lives. But screw it, we’re dreamers like that.


The TWS Team


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