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  1. To be honest, my mum never said she wouldn’t leave anything for me. But looking at things now, I’m guessing most of it would go to my older sibling. So I decided I can only depend on myself. Even though I’m not financially independent yet and of course I do have a bit (a lot) of bitterness, at least I know I’m on my way to supporting myself and I’m proud of that.

  2. That is great and all, but pretty far from reality. I took care of my little siblings and later, my mother going through severe drug addiction. We lived in poverty all my life. I did well enough in school and secured grants for college. My mother cleared up and became my hero for her accomplishments.

    She later married to a Lebanese immigrant, who is the closest thing I have to a father… but that marriage costed me my grants, and so I dropped out of college to work and try my best to keep a roof over my head.

    I started a business and then hired some employees. Then coronavirus happened. My business was non essential.

    A life of poverty is realistic. It’s where most people are, and all your dreams… that’s all they are. Even if you crush for 80 hours a week into your mid thirties.

    Life is good, but save your splendorous dreaming for real life. It’s not always going to work out that way, even if you’re faced with the deep understanding that you get nothing if you don’t build it yourself.

    People want to know it’s going to be okay… and it is. Life is a fast moving river that everyone tries to fight against. If you just let go and embrace what you’re handed, everything will be okay and you’ll be a lot less let down when these super stories do not apply to you.

    Success is a lucky chance of right place, right time. You don’t need it to live, you just need it to stay motivated and always have that deep sense of totally effed if you don’t crush it right now and forever.

    I will say that I loved your story and I hope you’re still doing okay.

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