5 replies to “What I Learnt From Earning More Than My Ex-Husband

    1. Everything is connected. Our lifestyle choices and financial goals are greatly influenced by our peers, family, and culture.

  1. I can so relate to this article!

    My wife has a stable govt job that pays well while i chose to work in the private sector that pays ok… that’s not to say that i earn peanuts but it’s enough to tide the family through. Yet, the bulk of the family expenses fall on me… Plus i still have to give the wife something every month.

    It feels as though that as “head of the house” i am expected to be the breadwinner, bring home the bacon and give up my salary for everyone and everything!

    Everything came to a head when my wife and i had a frank and candid conversation about our contributions and also reminded each other about our covenants of “for richer or poorer”. After some discussion, we agreed to readjust our contributions and also better manage our family expenses.

  2. Ideally, married couples should be providing for the family through 1 central pot and not from each of their own pots. There is NO your pot or mine pot. There is only a FAMILY pot.

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