3 replies to “How “Support Local” is often Misinterpreted

  1. Good try here, Woke Salaryman. I know what you’re hitting at. But I felt the Buy Local theme seemed forced on here. Just like the – “Buy from us , we are a Social Enterprise”.

    It’s about standards and the level of trust a friend has towards another enough to give honest constructive specific feedback, whatever the local, social cause, affiliation.

    It’s also about the guts to give feedback like I’m doing now for you. I hope you get better. The drawings have substance, simplicity and that character can be anyone in the same shoes. That’s good. But the narration, and storyline can improve.

    All the best! 👍🏽💪🏾😃

  2. Love your art! I’d love to see your art on some NFT auctions somewhere… don’t miss out on this huge wave of NFT art auctions my friend 🙂

  3. Buying anything because it is local doesn’t make any sense, either in Singapure or in Poland which is my home country. It’s true that if you buy local the money stays in your community, but if you buy abroad your community receives equivalent of the money in goods or servcies so there is no difference for the community whatsoever. Moreover, if every country pushes its people to buy local, we as global community will fail too exploit our comperative advantages hence making us all poorer than we need to be.

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