Why people leave even the most high paying jobs

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54 replies to “Why people leave even the most high paying jobs

  1. Hi, may I translate it into Bahasa Indonesia, so that we can spread it more wider and meaningful to our people?

  2. Escapism at its best! All I can read is an encouragement to get payed less in pursuing a less toxic workplace which I think given the current prevalent economical system, i.e. capitalism, exists only in fairy tales. Using companies such as PayPal and its gang of close knit capitalists as a good example to follow is technically a joke, these companies had caused so much damage to our global economy in ways that can fill books. Move fast and break things is one of those books. All of this while non of the post addresses the true root cause behind workplace toxicity such as class antagonism where workers are exploited for profit to the benefits of a certain class that represents less than %1 of the population, this very class would find this post useful and would encourage the kind of ideas in such a post.

      1. For most people who have undergone “university education”, a desk job has proven to be the safest and most dignified way of making money so that they can put food on the table.

        We should critique capitalism since we are forced to participate in it in order to survive.

    1. Ture that. Capitalism by design will benefit the folks who are at the top of the food chain. But that should not stop employee to nudge companies to promote a health culture i.e. being able to strike a balance.

    2. For most people who have undergone “university education”, a desk job has proven to be the safest and most dignified way of making money so that they can put food on the table.

      We should critique Capitalism since we are forced to participate in it to survive.

  3. This is nonsense. Every workplace is toxic to some degree. Trust me, I’ve worked in Aviation in 10 countries spanning 20 years. Humans are humans at the end of the day. There’s nothing worse than fakery and false niceness either. My advice to any young (or old) person would be start your own business. Working for someone else rarely makes you a millionaire, plus you dont have to answer to tyrants, which most managers are.

    1. You’re just privileged. 🙂 You do realise that not everyone get the same opportunities as you do right? People come from different backgrounds, have different life experiences. Not everyone can afford to start a business or even have the passion to become a businessman. It’s frightening how delusional you are to think that everyone is like you or have similar experience as you. Humans are humans of course but we are different from each other. We aren’t programmed robots.
      Also, I partially agree with you about “every workplace is toxic to some degree” but this post is trying to tell you why you needn’t tolerate toxicity. It’s trying to educate people about workplace toxicity, because not everyone knows that this exists. Most people work this way thinking this is normal, or that they are bound to work and tolerate toxicity because they’re being paid. That’s not right! This is exactly what the illustrations are trying to address.

  4. This is a great post and very meaningful for today’s employment scenarios. I love the way it is narrated – simple and interactive – one can almost relate to any character in this story. Excellent job. I will share and recommend this post on my network.

  5. I resigned my job 3 months before I was due to retire. Due entirely to frustration with senior management. Luckily fell straight into a temp job with better pay and a great working atmosphere. Later was asked by the previous employer to help them with computer system upgrade.

  6. Brilliant read and all so very true, i’m thinking of moving on or just retire , not sure as of yet, but now reading all this hasgiven me food for thought.
    Thank you

  7. It is an excellent, well written, meaningful, thought provoking comic. We know many of these aspects. However this is very nicely and succintly explained. I can resonate well with it.

  8. still what matter is money; I full agree if I have to cut my salary to, lets say, having still the possibility to leave without the fear of not reaching the end of the month. All is relative, arguments like the one exposed are correct if the wage is still allowing people to leave a good life with space and time for hobby, if the arguments are used only to cut salary and increase the profits of the few than I’m sorry, this is manipulation.

  9. It is inaccurate to mention only “big MNCs” when describing what EDB does. Surely, just as the article says, it’s about the purpose and culture of the company that matters and not the size?

  10. In a global context, it has always struck me as odd that people who work in high paying jobs in the US get paid more than those doing a better job elsewhere, say Asia. The argument that taxes are lower or markets are different doesn’t hold water. Ironically, the easiest high paying job to leave is the relatively low paying job in Asia since the individual looking to leave can quite efficiently produce the same stuff without the politics. I always ponder whether inclusiveness, or passion or meaning or whatever is the reason for leaving but come down to the view that each high paid individual knows what to do so let them be creative.

  11. Superb sir looks like you have zoomed your lens of details instead of blind belief on what looks good but hollow inside.

  12. A holistic analysis of existing work culture and the culture to build and grow for a meaningful existence in the working eco system. A collaborative culture sans boundaries and help expand one’s skill resources across frontiers.

  13. Very well written as well presented, and all very truth, I know people who did the same, no regrets at all. Very important for our mental health.

  14. Most companies look first for earns than for a great working team, but is the great team who help to get the earns.

  15. Ah, and having dedicated your life and work to one career path, you are able to make a broad, blanket statement of every other workplace that you have no experience with? The arrogance that people like you display is frightening, second only to the delusion and outright narcissism. Imagine being unable to admit that your life experience might differ from another person’s, if it means you’d be wrong about something. Here’s the thing, though – you ARE wrong. I, myself, have worked for not just one, but multiple non-toxic employers. The only thing that kept me from staying with those places is an incurable addiction to travel – I simply can’t stay in one place too long, or it starts affecting my mental health. Still, along the way I’ve managed to find many places where people refrain from acting horrible to one another. I pity you that you have not.

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