I don’t have a calling, is that okay?


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8 replies to “I don’t have a calling, is that okay?

  1. I think the best way to have a sense of purpose is to find something you have the ability to become world class at. Because there is empirical evidence to support the idea that if you develop mastery at something you will become passionate about it. I was a world class engineer (imho) and that created a passion in me that led me to a very enjoyable career and a very well paid one. But if you pick a career you are only able achieve mediocrity at you’ll never enjoy it. The trick is having the self knowledge to know where you can excel. I figured that out in junior high school and never wavered.

  2. I am so happy a friend shared this on his whatsapp status. I belong to the group of people who don’t have a calling or are struggling to find out what their calling is in life and I have allowed it make me feel inferior and without purpose and direction. Though I have a job which can progress into being a career if I stay long doing it, the encouragement I need to be happy and feel fulfilled were penned down in this article. Thank you very much for this.

  3. Quote from a short film by Future Shorts titled Maybe One Day:
    “As I struggle up this 40 year hill, I have to consider what I will see at the top. Just a good view? As the 70 year old me beats his chest, who is going to hear that roar of success? Who is going to hear my voice, who, hello? Exactly. No one.”

    These drawings are awesome! This article really spoke to me.

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