9 replies to “An important message if you just got rekt by the financial markets

  1. I feel so good seeing you lost money. freaking hell you still dare to tell people to DCA SPX etc in your seminar.

    1. Historically, DCA-ing in the S&P500 is one of the most reliable ways to invest long term. It seems you’ve a long way to go before we can have a meaningful discussion on this subject.

      Here’s to you improving your investment knowledge and developing a healthy mindset when it comes to investing!

      When you are ready, we can discuss again.


      (PS: Don’t worry about my money, I’m doing okay)

      1. You are very rude. Even if DCA-ing is inherently bad, you shouldn’t be so mean. If you’re doing well with whatever methods that have made you rich and snobbish enough to comment, share it with us. Don’t be selfish if you want to stop the alleged misinformation TWS is spreading.

  2. TWS, thank you for all these years of thoughtful write ups. And for reminding us that we’re in a community of shared pain when it comes to market crashes.

    To xxx – they are right, with your mindset, you’re far from ready in making investments. Instead of TWS I think you should try RWS (Resorts World).

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