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  1. I have never commented before, but wanted to quickly do so about how mobile devs actually view you as a player.a video by tribesflame CEO basically confirmed that jts all about hunting whales and the insidious ways / methods they go through to hook a person in and drain them of every cent. Its super sociopathic honestly. Video is here:


    1. Another ex-gacha addict here. I never spent money on gacha games, but I can attest to the ways gacha games are deliberately designed to be addictive. Even if you do not spend any money on gacha games, they’re still massive time sinks because the games are often designed to take a long time to make a meaningful progress, which makes it more tempting to spend money to either speed up the progress, or purchasing powerful items or characters to beat those levels faster.

      It is also worth noting that gacha games require internet connection to play because the money exchange in the games are conducted online. This means that once the developer of a gacha games decides to stop maintaining the game and shut down the servers for good, all the time and money you spent on those game are lost forever, and you cannot get them back. This makes the ways gacha game exploits the sunk cost fallacy even worse and more predatory than they already are.

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