4 replies to “A TWS Short Story: Waiting for Lady Luck

  1. Easy to say when you have already succeeded.

    Look at the hawkers who wake up every 4am (some even earlier) and work til night, every single day. When they’re 70 and no longer able to do that back breaking labour, you’ll find them collecting trash cans and cardboard and begging in MRTs.

    Have they not worked hard? Have my parents not worked hard? But we’re still middle class trash.

    I will work until I die, no matter how hard I work. Because I wasn’t lucky enough to be born with the talent and well, luck.

    Good for you that you have a successful business. But not everyone who works hard gets their due. Don’t shame them for not having the luck that you had.

    1. am confused about how the comic is interpreted to be shaming people who worked hard.

      the gist of the comic is to encourage folks to work hard so that when luck/opportunities arise, they can shine even brighter.

      I hope your anger/indignation fades and I wish you well.

      1. working hard is not the only part, putting yourself out there, making connections and trying to do things better is also part of luck. For example, a hacker can try to improve their food, start a franchise, find ways to cut cost etc. Work hard but work smart.

  2. Doing, learning, evaluating to take intentional next steps are part of preparation. No preparation is guaranteed no success.

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