5 replies to “My first day at school (as an immigrant)

  1. Thanks for the story. It shows that we need to be thankful for the people whom have built what we have now, and that we should always leave things better than how we found it so that the ones coming after us can benefit too

  2. Singaporean males also have to fight to reach square one too. We have to do NS for 2 years (my time it was 2.5 years). As a result, we are delayed by at least 2 years in the working world behind the Singaporean female and the Malaysians who land a job here. So it is disingenuous to talk about the disadvantages of being a foreigner without talking about its advantages.

    1. It is disingenuous if you take it as an attack on Singapore. I think the author was merely describing his personal experience of being an immigrant.

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