6 replies to “Why it’s pointless to be bitter about rich kids

  1. Don’t agree with your premise that parents have a right to hand everyrhing to their children past a certain point.

    1. Hahaha yeah, now we gotta pity the rich too.

      “Oh pity John, he is soo rich and most probably he is having depression looking at all the options he have in his live”.

      Come on man, you write-ups are damn good and I know you are uplifting the “illiterates” but this piece, feels hmm….

  2. I understand your point, being bitter doesn’t help. It’s very hard to move on though when I’m dealing with the consequences of a rich kid who has been handed a lot unearned. I worked for seven years for a family owned business. The owner screwed over his own daughter (my boss) to promote his other daughter to a better position. She became my new boss and proceeded to target me forcing me out of my job. This is not my imagination. It was verified by others. Fortunately I had saved up enough money to tide me over but it has been a bitter pill (pun intended) to swallow. Her own sister (who she screwed over) said she almost feels sorry for her because daddy has given her everything and she doesn’t really know how to do anything for herself.

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