5 replies to “If you don’t even have a high yield savings account, forget about financial independence

  1. Hi, may I know why you use IB to buy and hold you Irish ETFs? I’m wondering about the $10 monthly fee.

    1. Same thoughts here. Unless you maintain usd100k in your account, you’ll have to pay usd10 maintenance fee every month.

      1. Hey guys, good question! The logic here is that you will eventually have USD100k in your IB account, which will remove maintenance fee.

        The costs for some investors to switch brokers can be huge and disruptive, so we advocate getting on the right broker immediately.

        Hope this helps!

  2. Hi, I am keen to invest in S&P500 index funds (SPY/VOO), but is it more costly due to 30% withholding dividends as compared to Irish based ETFs? Which will be good?

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