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  1. Beware of renovation traps… There are many ads online that I feel are “lying” because it’s mock up instead of actual. Most of them are completed designs with furniture and fittings but the costs doesn’t include them. So you could have an advertised $20k full renovation for a flat but doesn’t include the electrical works, fittings and electronic appliances.

    I feel that getting a flat also involves planning on the furniture costs too. Bigger home, more furniture needed. Some items can be bought affordably from IKEA or Taobao but some do need to spend a little more due to wear and tear. You won’t want to skimp on a bed that you don’t enjoy a good sleep just so you can afford a bigger TV. So that needs to be factored in as well.

  2. Hi,

    Beside BTO and/or resale, there is another option of renting. Though it may not be welcome by most, it is worthwhile for a consideration. The generated dividend from the investment portfolio can be used to offset the rent. If one does not mind the location, one can opt for non-mature estate in which the rent will be significantly lower.


  3. Thanks for the great post! This is something a lot of new home owners will need to consider. I was wondering if this post is a sponsored one? (:

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