4 replies to ““Lottery” A TWS Short Story

  1. Even without reading the comic panels below in advance, given my exposure to local drama, adverts and TV and moralful stories of people making bad purchase decisions, I know how the comic is heading to and what the moral of the story is. But let’s get back to reality: not many of us reading this, or any for that matter, would be able to strike lottery upon miracle. But even if someone did, at least we can learn to not spend recklessly. Absolute power corrupts, so a check-and-balance is needed – no pun inteded.

  2. I already made plans on how much to spend, where to spend, how much to invest and save if i struck toto.

    Still waiting since 15 years ago

  3. I’d spend 1mil on a home, spend 5-10k a year travelling, invest in diff things with another mil or 2, and save the rest. Wouldn’t even bother to a get a car tbh

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