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  1. But… Without the paper qualifications in this term a degree, don’t even need to smell an interview. No. Don’t even bother submitting a resume.

    A degree equates to the person can solve his exam questions. So can solve work prob. No paper qualifications give impression tat not capable.

    When ppl talk abt college dropout becoming wealthy are mainly due to setup their own business. There’s no hiring bureaucracy tat look down on these ppl. They r the business owners themselves.

    So without a degree, u don’t even have a chance to “queue” let alone stand out.

    1. Agree that a paper qualification is quite a fundamental thing people look for. This point in this post is more about the fact that degrees are so basic that it doesn’t guarantee you anything, not like it did in the past.

      Degrees do indicate generally that you are good at solving exam problems but that’s a very general assumption. There are many kinds of degrees and many ways of assessing capabilities, exams are not necessarily a good test of problem solving, because you can do well in exams through other skills like memorisation.

  2. This goes to show that the job markets are getting tougher. For those with the existing job with the risk of retrenchment, it makes sense to make hay while the sun still shines. At the same time, one takes actions to reduce the expenses along the way. I believe that one can rely on the proceeds from the investment portfolio to cover his/her expenses on a continuous basis for a lifetime.


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